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Rental Conditions :


  1. This contract defines the rental conditions for the furnished apartment.
  2. Its purpose is to define the conditions of reservation and stay, in seasonal hiring, of this furnished apartment whose descriptive card is attached to this contract.
  3. This apartment is intended for family rental use and is not suitable for community type rental.
  4. Relations between owner and tenant are based on trust.
  5. The tenants undertake to respect the rented goods and to return them in good condition.
  6. The tenant cannot, under any circumstances, take advantage of any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period initially provided for in this contract, unless the owner agrees. If the tenant refuses to leave the premises, it will suffice to compel him to an interim order made by the presidency of the district court.
  7. Obligation to occupy the premises personally, to live in them “as a good father” and to maintain them.
  8. All the installations are in working order and any complaint concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry into enjoyment of the premises, cannot be accepted. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental will be the responsibility of the tenant.
  9. The premises are rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, blankets and pillows, as they are in the attached description.
  10. If necessary, the owner or his representative will be able to claim from the tenant on his departure, the price for cleaning the rented premises as well as the common parts, the total value at the replacement price of broken objects, furniture or equipment. , cracked, chipped or damaged and those whose wear would exceed normal for the duration of the rental, the cleaning price of the covers made dirty, compensation for deterioration of any kind concerning curtains, ceilings, carpets, windows, bedding , etc …
  11. The tenant agrees to comply with the internal rules of the condominium displayed in the entrance hall of the building. Among other things, he has an obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed, to respect and keep clean the common areas (entrance hall, corridor) and not to smoke in apartments and common areas.
  12. The tenant is responsible for ensuring, with his insurance company, that he is covered for the risks of theft, loss, or damage to his personal objects, fire, glass breakage and water damage , as well as the risks of damage that it could cause on the furniture rented by its fact or by its possible negligence. He must therefore check whether his main housing contract provides for the resort extension (vacation rental) or contains a “civil liability” clause which must cover his liability in the event of a problem during the rental.
  13. If the accommodation needs urgent repairs which cannot be postponed until the end of the rental contract, the tenant cannot refuse them even if these repairs cause him discomfort. And this without claiming compensation or reduction in rent.
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Inventory :

  • The parties agree to establish and sign an inventory on the day of entry and the day of exit.
  • The Lessor may be represented by a person of his choice.

Arrival and Departure :

  • The keys are handed over from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of the tenant’s arrival.                                      
  • They must be returned before 10 a.m. on the day of the tenant’s departure.
The tenant wishing to arrive outside the hours indicated above must obtain a prior written agreement from the lessor within three days before the arrival date initially scheduled. Any departure beyond the above-mentioned time may be subject to additional rent.

Disclaimer :

It is agreed that in the event of the tenant’s withdrawal :
  • more than a month before the lease takes effect, the tenant loses the deposit paid.
  • less than a month before the lease takes effect, the tenant will also pay the difference between the deposit and the equivalent of the total rent, as a penalty clause.
It is agreed that in the event of the lessor’s withdrawal :
  • within seven days of withdrawal, he is required to fully reimburse the deposit or rent paid, excluding any other claim on the part of the client.
If the tenant has still not arrived four days after the date of arrival initially planned, the lessor may, as of right, re-let the furnished accommodation while retaining the right to turn against the tenant, and in particular to require his share the entire rent due for the reserved period.

Rent, Down Payment, Security Deposit, Household :

The amount of the rent is understood to be a lump sum and charges included for the period reserved. The deposit corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the rent must be paid by the tenant and collected by the lessor in order to reserve the rental for the desired period.
The balance of the rent as well as a security deposit of 500 euros, (five hundred euros), must be paid on the day of delivery of the keys or on PayPal one week before the start of the rental.
This deposit will be refunded to the tenant, at the latest one month after the end of the stay, after deduction, in the event of deterioration or damage to the items of furnished accommodation and the goods made available, any costs of replacement or repair. If this deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to settle the amount due to the lessor without delay on first request.
The apartment must be returned in a perfect state of cleanliness (storage of objects, complete cleaning of the premises, dishes washed and put away, dishwasher, coffee maker, refrigerator cleaned and emptied, garbage cans emptied)
Otherwise, the cleaning costs set at 65 € will be retained on the deposit.